On having your scalpel seen to by a professional repairman

This is for those of you who are just newly qualified. It is an exciting time for you in your career. You have just completed your residency and are now thinking seriously about starting up your own private practice. During the long years of your medical, theoretical and practical training, you have learned to keep your cool. It is a positive but necessary attribute in your line of surgical work. But heaven forbid, what would happen if that scalpel should slip. No, we are not suggesting at this point in time that you have lost your nerve.

No, nothing like that, more like this. It is quite possible that your harmonic scalpel can become blunt or a screw within it could come loose. It is bound to happen, given that your recently completed residency wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. So, when this happens, what do you do? Simply put, turn your preferred scalpel in to the harmonic scalpel repair technician. Rest assured that he is just as clinical as you and, perhaps with a few more years of work experience under the belt, just a tad more precise. That means that all work completed on your behalf going forward is done strictly to OEM specifications.

Part of this is ensuring that sterilization techniques are adhered to at all times. Apart from being clinically sanitized for clean environments, the practice is to ensure that repaired or serviced instruments are, again, able to withstand regular use in the surgical space. You need not wait long for your favorite instruments to be returned. It doesn’t take longer than a couple of days. Rest assured that the repair technician is aware that you may just have patients waiting.